Giant rat receives animal hero award for sniffing landmines in Cambodia

Giant rat receives animal hero award for sniffing landmines in Cambodia

A African Huge pouch mice have been honored for finding their work Landmines In Southeast Asia with a gold medal by the International Veterinary Charity.

The UK charity PDSA has named “this year’s Gold Medal recipient for duty, for life-saving devotion to duty, location and clearance of deadly landmines. Cambodia

Pet-year-old rats are much larger than the average pet rat – but still have enough light to walk on without a land strip.

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Landmine probe rats receive PDSA gold medal for their life-saving work in Cambodia

In Tanzania, the Belgian nonprofit Apopo trained Magwa to sniff landslides in exchange for eating facilities.

“It’s completely safe to find landmines for hero art like Mawa Gawa and they are very intelligent animals so it’s easy to train. After being raised by Apopo for this purpose, Magwa started training at a young age, ”said PDSA.

To date, Magawa has discovered 39 landmines and 28 explosive items of pride, making it one of the most successful APOP heroes.

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Cambodia is estimated to have six million landmines BBCIs, who also reported that the inscription of the medal states “animal devotion or devotion to duty.”

Prior to the order, there were 30 previous dogs receiving the award.

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“It is a real honor for us to receive this medal,” Christophe Cox, Apopo’s chief executive, told a news agency, the BBC reported. “But the people of Cambodia and all the people around the world who suffer from Mindmines are also big.”

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