Giant solar flares trigger the wonders of the sky, the northern lights visible in Europe and America. Southern Aurora | geomagnetic storm

 Giant solar flares trigger the wonders of the sky, the northern lights visible in Europe and America.  Southern Aurora |  geomagnetic storm

[एपोच टाइम्स 30 अक्टूबर, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Yan comprehensive report) This weekend, two days ago there was a major explosion.Sun flarebecause ofgeomagnetic stormWill bring wonders of the sky, people of America and Europe are expected to seeNorthern LightsAurora Borealis或Northern Lights

Sun flare(solar flare) is the most violent eruption event occurring in a localized region of the solar atmosphere. When solar flares occur, large numbers of high-energy particles are usually ejected into space. Particle rain generated by solar flares that erupted on Thursday is heading toward Earth and is likely to hit Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday (October 30).

The US National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) issued an early warning: G3 levels will appear “strong” on Saturday and Sunday.geomagnetic stormI

Geomagnetic storms are severe disturbances of the Earth’s magnetic field around the world. Specifically, it is a disturbance event of the global space environment that is triggered by a high-speed plasma cloud reaching Earth’s space. Geomagnetic storms range in scale from minor G1 storms to G5 extreme storms.

NOAA warned that geomagnetic storms could cause abnormal voltages and false alarms of some protective equipment, and could cause high-frequency radios to stop and lose radio contact on the Sun-lit part of Earth.

The most obvious effect of an upcoming geomagnetic storm is that it may causeauroraenhancements, so that people in the United States and most of Europe can see it.

University of Alaska’s Fairbanks Geophysical Institute (Fairbanks Geophysical Institute Aurora Forecast)auroraForecasts suggest that if weather permits, it can be seen from Portland, Oregon to New York CityNorthern Lights, and the aurora can be visible on the skyline as far south as Carson City in Nevada, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, and Raleigh in North Carolina.

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Earth’s aurora belt is located at a distance of 10° to 20° from Earth’s magnetic poles in longitude and 3° to 6° in latitude. When a local magnetic storm occurs, the aurora will also be visible at lower latitudes.

In Europe, forecasts indicate that if weather permits, the aurora can be seen from the skies over Norway, Sweden and Finland, and even from as far away as Scotland and St Petersburg in Russia. expected to see.

Similar to the situation in the United States, as far south as Dublin, Ireland and Hamburg, Germany, people can see the northern lights on the horizon.

Under the influence of this geomagnetic storm,southern aurora(Aurora Australis or Southern Lights) would also have a similar effect.

Forecasts show that from Melbourne in Australia to Christchurch in New Zealand,southern auroracan be seen on the horizon.

A solar flare is one of the most violent eruptions that occurs in a local region of the solar atmosphere. This releases a large amount of energy in a short period of time, causing the local area to heat up immediately, and various electromagnetic radiations are emitted outwards, accompanied by a sudden increase in particle radiation.

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