Google Argentina site was purchased by a man for $ 3

Google Argentina site was purchased by a man for $ 3

The Google Argentina domain was purchased by a local web designer for $ 3 last week, during which time the site had technical issues and was down for two hours, informed BBC. The company later gained control of the site.

Nicholas Kurona, 30, said that he managed to buy the domain through a normal and thorough legal process.

Nicholas told the BBC, “I don’t think I’ll be allowed to buy it.”

Representatives of Google Argentina told the BBC that, for a short time, the domain was acquired by someone else. The company said that it quickly gained control of the area.

“I couldn’t believe what had happened”

It all started on Wednesday night, when Nicholas Kurona was working on a client’s website, in his home in Buenos Aires, and started receiving messages on WhatsApp according to which the local site Google had fallen. “I entered in the browser and it didn’t work,” Kurona said. “I felt that something strange was going on.”

The youth accessed the Argentine Network Information Center (NIC), which manages the national Internet domain. .ar He searched Google and saw that the domain was available. Although they did not think that they would be able to complete the process, Nicholas Kurona followed the necessary steps and received an e-mail invoice for their purchase. Thus, the young man managed to buy Google domain in Argentina for $ 2.9.

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Surprised, Nicholas typed in the browser and pressed enter. “My personal data has appeared,” he said. “I froze while looking at the screen. I couldn’t believe what had happened.”

At 21.52 local time on Wednesday night, Nicholas purchased the Google domain in Argentina. All the millions of searches and people who entered now theoretically ended up on their sites.

“I want to make it clear that I had no bad intentions, I just tried to buy the domain and NIC gave me permission to do so,” the young man said.

Nicholas’ gesture became the subject of news within minutes.

“When I completed the acquisition process and the data appeared on my website, I knew something was going to happen. I became very impatient,” he said.

Nicholas Kurona wrote on Twitter what happened to clarify things, he says.

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The secret has not been clarified

An alternative to Google would be to forget to renew domain ownership. However, the company says that its license was to expire in July 2021 itself.

Open Data Cordoba, a group that tracks expired domains in Argentina and monitors registered ones, claims Google. It is not known how the Google domain became available in Argentina.

Nicholas says that he does not know what happened, but he feels that “strange” is the goal of meditation. He was called a hero by some Twitter users, and the post in which he explained what led to more than 80,000 commendations.

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The young man is satisfied that he had no problem after the incident. Google has said that it is investigating what happened last week.

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