Greece – Turkey Three – Zero

Greece - Turkey Three - Zero

Greek Foreign Minister’s Attitude Nikos Dandias, To strongly respond to Tsavosoglu’s challenges, will be considered clear For a country facing a ruthless expansionist neighbor.

but and Rightly so, Created waves of joy and excitement among the Greeks, as by now the Greek governments had accustomed us to play punching bags for Turkish fascists. Let them attack more and more openly and try to reduce both the magnitude of our challenges and the results that produce these challenges: Cyprus, Capus Bailey, occupation of “Blue Homeland”. After all, a large part of the Greek establishment, Addicted to watermelon, Was terrified in front of Dandyas’s “Audacity”.

In fact, in a press group that has close ties with Turkey – is it even business? -, he did not hide his regret as Dendias worsened the “good” climate. On the same band’s television station, they also feature Excess Instead the idea of ​​dictator Erdogan was drawn they celebrate Particularly adapted to Greek interests for a turning point in Italy. They are rather looking at their own commercial interests and making Halditas cement.

And “conflicting”, similar concerns about Greek exaggeration were expressed by the unhappy couple on Friday 16 April, which erodes the credibility of public television every morning – is it on their own initiative? Unusable Ίδηςαίδηςιμίδης Greece was greatly angered by the eruption of the finitization strategy, insisting that “loudspeaker diplomacy is nowhere …”! And his fellow bankers in the NEA, Michalis Mitsos, Accuses Dandias, “who raised the tone”, so that the existing να but No Greek-Turkish Bridging Disagreement … “!

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Others, because it spoiled their anti-pseudo-soup – sometimes against the agreement with Egypt, sometimes against the opening of Greece in Libya, etc. – tried to minimize the importance of the Greek response, only to be demeaned by Dendia’s initiative. Introduced as “Maximos”. Furious “!

And yet, it is clear that this public dispute was not in the eyes of the Greeks, but it is also a War Traffic on a regular level. The firstBecause he found out Fenki Of a relationship with Europe, for which Greece is also reportedly agreed. This has been promoted by Turkey in collaboration with the Germans, which is why Turkey’s trap in Ankara is, in fact, accompanied by an out-of-protocol discussion with Erdogan.

Others, Because he pointed them all out The partners And our allies, but even like the oscillator Libyan, That Greece has finally become a serious country that defends its rights and everyone can count on it.

With this step, Tuesday Behind him Avros And Intercept At sea, Greece won an important victory and He grew tall even more so Internal, As well as boosting national confidence abroad.

Everything will be in ankara best If Dandias, in Tsavosoglu’s objections to the militarization of the island, add an argument-Exaggeration: “Do you have the audacity to talk about militarization when you have 40,000 soldiers in Cyprus?” When the greek government will raise its issue Cyprus, Has completed its syllabus Revaluation And partly of Greek oligarchy.

However, it was a great goal at home. Three – zero!


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