Greta Thunberg’s absence at COP27 in Egypt: when media pressure on activists leads to “worker burns”

Greta Thunberg's absence at COP27 in Egypt: when media pressure on activists leads to

Militant burnout

a testimony that contemplates one’s event”activist burnout“This pressure, especially from the media, has also been felt on several occasions by the French-speaking spokesperson for the Youth for Climate Adelaide Charlier.”It’s even more of a reality when you’re younger, because you haven’t received any training and you don’t have any experience yet.,, it develops. ,We accept all interviews to deliver a message, and we must be constantly abreast of what is happening, as well as the status of the movement.,,

In particular, even if we forget it, activists also have a life with their activism. ,Even If It’s Not Paying Jobs, That’s What Keeps Us Busy,, notes Adelaide Charlier. ,For most youth workers, this is in addition to studying, a part-time or even a full-time job.,, and in short”The important thing is to be able to strike this balance between studies or work, activity and well-being. Personally, I can’t always handle it properly.,,


Recently, Adelaide’s Dutch-speaking counterpart, Anuna de Weaver, withdrew from Youth for Climate. Now, the other members of the organization are highlighted. The solution to this media pressure can sometimes go through this: a choice in the embodiment of the spokesperson role. ,It’s a discussion that we have, and it’s found in a lot of movements,, Adelaide confirms Charlier. ,With us, it was not specifically planned that I take this leading position. And I had no idea it would all get so big. It is a responsibility and a burden, especially if one wants to step back, so that above all, the movement and its visibility in the media should not be jeopardized. So alternatives can be a good solution, even if we know the media likes it when one or two people agitate.,,

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