Growing Contact! Last minute: China rocket out of control – News

  Growing Contact!  Last minute: China rocket out of control - News

Unfair waiting continues!

On 4 May ChinaAmerican Space Command’s chase continues after the body of a rocket carrying the first rocket of the US Space Command, which was previously sent into space for control of the space station.

The Long Marche 5B rocket successfully launched the Tianhe module, which will become the home of the future China Space Station (CSS) from the Chinese island of Haiyan on 29 April. However, the rocket was out of control and created the possibility of falling outside the planned safe zone.

The statement by the US Space Command said that the rocket would be predicted hours before it landed on the planet and that it was possible to crash on 8 May.

“Once potentially dangerous parts travel through the atmosphere at a hypersonic speed, it is likely to fall into the ocean,” said Harvard-based astronomer Jonathan McDowell. McDowell said the probability is more than 70 percent.

“Required for a small aircraft”

Noting that rocket fragments are feared to fall, McDowell said, “Perhaps it could fall in a densely populated area. However, the Long March 5B rocket crashed in the Ivory Coast in May 2020. Apart from causing some damage. There was no way. Building. “

Saying that the rocket’s main core weighs around 21 tons, McDowell said, “It can go down in an instant, this is equivalent to a small plane crash.”

McDowell said that while many countries are trying to design spacecraft, “Chinese rocket designers don’t care about it, making them look lazy.” Used the expression. McDowell called the situation negligent.

“Not working for panic”

The news, published in the Chinese national newspaper Global Times, said that the rocket went out of control, but there was no need to panic. The Global Times reported that the news that the rocket was harmed is a ‘hoax of the West’.

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“8 May Holiday

Long March 5B was planned to land at a predetermined point in the sea. However, experts warn that larger pieces may fall into residential areas after the rocket goes out of control.

Rat Howard, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said he expected the rocket to fall on May 8, but it could be predicted hours before it hit the planet.


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