“Guinness World Records” Is Full of Nuggets: Our Pick of the 10 Weirdest World Records

Instagram Screenshots © guinnessworldrecords

It’s the end of the holidays, but there’s still time to relax a little and have a good laugh.

Few people will do anything to get into Guinness World Records… The proof is in our pick of the weirdest records we’ve seen on the book’s Instagram account. Please note, this list is not exhaustive!

Most sweaters worn together

Yes, you read that right. This world record is in the name of 12-year-old American Theodore Kinsella. They wore 30 sweaters and sweatshirts together in 2021…

hairy teen in the world

She loves and totally adores this hair difference. In Thailand, Supatra “Nut” Sasupan of Thailand has held the record for the hairiest teenager in the world. NET actually has Ambras syndrome, of which there are only 50 known cases since the Middle Ages.

world’s largest language

American Dante Barnes’ tongue is 12.19 cm in circumference. It entered the Guinness World Records Book on December 24, 2021. Its tongue is almost as big as a “ping pong ball,” says Guinness World Records on its site.

most tongue piercings

Also in the United States, Francesco Vecca holds the record for most piercings on his tongue: in 2017, he had a total of 20! Chewing gum is not very practical to eat.

fastest burrito

On the other side of the Atlantic, in the United Kingdom, Leah Shutkewer also holds a strange world record. In 2022, it was calculated that this young woman could eat a burrito in 32.35 seconds! But Leah isn’t on her first record: In 2020, she ate spring rolls, cucumbers, orange chocolate, or even the fastest donuts in the world…

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fastest dog to jump over obstacles on a skateboard

Now we don’t know what to invent to impress the gallery? This time it is in France that this absurd record is broken: the fastest time by a dog to jump 5 obstacles on a skateboard. It took 2.46 seconds to pull this off in 2018 by Lenny the Batdog.

farthest projection of the eyeball

Have you ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Maybe this world record can tell you. In 2007, American Kim Goodman projected her iris 12 mm out of her pocket …

longest eyelashes in the world

We hold on to the human body and its prowess… In China, Yu Xianxia broke the record for the world’s longest eyelashes in 2016: He measured 12.4cm! In 2021, these were even longer: they were 20.5 cm. Yu Xianxia tried to find out scientifically what was causing this incredible growth, but without a plausible answer, he decided to believe in divine intervention. just that!

M&M’s tallest pile

In Australia, we spend our time differently… Brendan Kelby has decided to set the world record for the largest stack of M&Ms in the world. And the result is absurd: The 22-year-old managed to stack 6 chocolate candies…

Most clothespins in the beard

We end up with one last not-so-slick record… the greatest number of clothes hung in a beard! And it’s Joel Strasser who owns it: He managed to clip 359 to his hair in the United States in November 2019…


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