Guterres calls for Washington and Tehran to work together on nuclear deal

Guterres calls for Washington and Tehran to work together on nuclear deal

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres commented on the nuclear deal file, stating that everyone who participated in it and other related parties “must work together to reduce uncertainty and face difficulties and obstacles.”

  • UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

On Thursday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the United States and Iran to work together to pull out of the current deadlock over the international nuclear deal signed with Tehran, but at the same time acknowledged that he had “a quick result hope not. “

And the new US administration announced Led by Joe Biden Its willingness to rejoin the United States in the agreement Former President Donald Trump gets out of it In 2018. Biden said that Iran would first return to its obligations, at a time when the United States demanded that the United States take over. Your punishment And to honor all its commitments.

Guterres said in response to a question during a press conference about the possibility of arbitration to get out of the deadlock, that “a lot of work has to be done,” but “I do not expect an immediate solution.”

He said, “I believe everyone participating in the JCPOA and other related parties should work together to reduce uncertainty and face difficulties and obstacles without responding to a potential arbitration issue.”

Guterres said the case concerned “making sure that things slowly move towards a situation in which we can reach the necessary agreement for peace and stability in the Gulf and the world.”

He also believed that the nuclear deal signed in 2015 constituted “a great diplomatic victory and an essential element for peace and stability in the Gulf” and “we regret that the agreement has become in doubt,” as he said.

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And Guterres said, “It is clear that there are difficulties, hurdles, and increasing complexities, as the United States abandoned (by agreement) and took additional measures (sanctions). At the same time, Iran began to develop its nuclear capabilities Take some steps. “

In context, he considered that “we can move from a terrible year to a year full of opportunities and hopes,” noting that “it is possible to strengthen global governance to advance global public goods, and we must make it Have to be achieved together, ”he said.

Guterres, UN Secretary-General since 2017, and former Portuguese Prime Minister, who is 71 years old, is a candidate for a second five-year term that begins in January 2022.


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