Haitians in Texas are migrating back to Mexico

Haitians in Texas are migrating back to Mexico

More than 12,000 people crossed the Rio Grande border at a camp in the Texas city of Del Rio over the weekend.

But on Monday, many decided to cross the border again into Del Rio, this time back to Mexico, Reuters reports.

On the other side of the border with the Rio Grande, is the border town of Ciudad Acua, which is expected to attract many migrants.

new endeavors

Other migrants began moving to the coastal city of Tampioco to find new ways to enter the United States.

Haiti is the poorest country on the American continent and has become increasingly unstable during the summer since President Jovenel Mosse was assassinated and a major earthquake killed thousands.

A total of 3,300 migrants have been evacuated by US officials since Friday, and several planes are now expected to continue deporting daily.

The first three planes carrying hundreds of Haitians landed in Port-au-Prince early on Sunday. Several planes were expected to take off on Monday.

quick rejection

The possibility of quickly rejecting migrants without giving them time to seek asylum, known as “Title 42”, was introduced by then US President Donald Trump as a health measure during the start of the pandemic.

Last week, a judge ruled that it should not apply to families, but the decision will not be final until two weeks from now. The government of outgoing President Joe Biden has also appealed.


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