Harsimrat Badal on Farm Bill


Akali Dal leader and MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal spoke to NDTV today.

New Delhi:

Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal, j Prime Minister Narendra Modi resigned from the cabinet Farmers are worried about being pulled out of the agricultural sector by private players, he told NDTV on Friday in protest of farm bills on Thursday.

Ms Badal said the “rural farmer”, along with many others she had consulted over the past few weeks, had taken Reliance Jio’s aggressive marketing strategy further.

“A village farmer gave us an example … ‘Xiao came in, they gave him a free phone. When everyone bought that phone and became dependent on this phone, the competition was eliminated and Xiao jacked up their rate. That’s right. “Corporates are going to do that,” Ms. Badal said.

Mrs. Badal told NDTV that she had repeatedly asked the Narendra Modi government to listen to the concerns raised by the farmers and openly discuss with them before setting the table of the three bills passed by the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

“I say please don’t bring a law which is considered anti-farmer. How can you bring it without considering the expectations of the people? I tried to persuade them but my words were not enough. Maybe my voice wasn’t that loud, ”She said.

The bill, which will now be taken up by the Rajya Sabha, will replace the three ordinances introduced in June, but farmers, especially those in Congress-ruled Punjab, have protested fiercely.

The government has said the proposed laws are to help small and marginal farmers.

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However, farmers fear that they will no longer be paid at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and opposition parties have claimed that the agricultural sector will be left to the fate of corporate interests.

PM Modi on Friday said there was a “misinformation campaign” on farm bills

Addressing the concerns, Ms Badal said farmers felt they would be “at the mercy of these private players”. “This is their apprehension. The Center should talk to them to allay this fear,” he said.

Mrs. Badal also said that in the end she had no choice and she has resigned to stay in solidarity with the farmers.

However, he called the policies “anti-farmer.” “If Prime Minister Modi’s policies were anti-farmer, the Akali Dal would not have been part of the government for the last six years,” he said.

The Akali Dal, a founding member of the BJP-led NDA in power at the Center, has come under attack from the Punjab Congress for backing the government in pursuing anti-farmer policies.

Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh yesterday canceled the resignation of Mrs. Badal Criticized the party as a sport and for leaving a part of the NDA (National Democratic Alliance).

“Congress is synonymous with corruption and Amarinder Singh is synonymous White (Fraud). They were part of three meetings where he agreed with the bills, “Mrs. Badal hit back today, pointing out that Congress, in its 2019 Lok Sabha election manifesto, Promised to do what the farm bill wanted.

On friday Giving his misinformation, Prime Minister Modi said that it was a ‘misinformation’ campaign Against the bills and insisted that farmers would continue to receive MSP.

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“Fake news is being spread that wheat and rice etc. will not be procured from farmers by government agencies. This is completely untrue, completely false and an attempt to deceive the farmers,” he asserted.


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