He cheated on his wife with the pregnancy and death of twins after seeing plastic babies.

He cheated on his wife with the pregnancy and death of twins after seeing plastic babies.

The unusual story of a man betrayed by his wife, who pretended to be pregnant with twins and later stated that they died in childbirth, Russia.

According to Telegram 112 and Lenta News reports Dawood Daudov never suspected a lie.

According to him, his wife Laura had a full stomach and talked to unborn children.

The woman rented an apartment near the hospital where the twins were born and without a doubt they said that the children had died after delivery from brain hemorrhage.

On the day of the funeral, the cheating husband wanted to see his children and when he covered the white sheet, they came to know that they were dolls.

At first he thought that his partner had been scattered in the hospital and the children were alive and were put up for adoption.

It was later found that the woman was never in the medical center and after an investigation it was confirmed that she had not given birth.

The false mother confessed that she had prevented the death of newborns due to pregnancy, birth and death because her partner wanted to be a father.

“I saw how happy my husband was when I was pregnant. I did not want to bother her and so I decided to stop pregnancy and lie to her and our relatives. He could not stop lying. I cheated all my relatives and my husband. I am very sorry, ”he said.

However, it remains for the Russian authorities Unusual
How Laura was able to maintain the deception for so many months without any notice to her relatives.

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