He took his dog for a walk, found a treasure

He took his dog for a walk, found a treasure

In the town of Vetín in the Zlín region of Czechia, a dog named Masa, who was taken by his owner for a walk, found a clay pot full of coins in a wooded area.

The pottery, which was handed over by the dog’s owner to the officials of the Valske Regional Museum, was taken to the Valske Majorisi Hospital before being opened, and examined by passing it through a tomography device.

As a result of examinations, it was determined that the 374 coins in the pot were made of Prague groschen silver, and the coins are dated to the 14th century.

The dog’s owner said in a statement, “When my dog ​​was walking with Masa in a wooded area a little out of town, he started scratching an area constantly. At first I thought he was playing, but when I got there Realizing that there was something in the place he was digging, I started digging. We found a clay pot about 10 cm deep in the ground. When I saw the coins, I realized that they were a historical treasure. and informed the authorities. Masa is an archaeologist now,” he said.

Samuel Spanhel, an archaeologist who found the treasure at the regional museum, said: “After receiving the treasure, we immediately went to the place where it was found and did a more extensive search around it, but we found nothing.”

Museum director Tomas Vitasek said, “The treasure brought to our museum is one of the most important historical artifacts in the region. We estimate it to be from the 14th century. We would like to thank the person who brought this treasure to the region.” Found it and brought it to us, we will be able to present it to the visitors after the test we will do.”

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