He was fired from Eurostar by French police because he was wearing the wrong type of mask: “very cruel behavior”.

Il est viré d'un Eurostar par la police française car il portait un mauvais type de masque: "Un traitement très cruel"

French police boarded a Eurostar bound for London on Thursday and arrested a British passenger after a train officer accused him of wearing the “wrong kind of mouth mask” against the coronavirus.

The suspect, who hails from Liverpool and is in his 40s, was asked to leave the train by eight police officers present during an emergency stop in Lille. The latter left her alone at Lille station after the train resumed its journey to London.

In remarks repeated by the Daily Mail, he said, “I have done nothing wrong and I follow all the rules regarding coronavirus. This is absolutely condemnable.” “I have absolutely no idea what this is about, except that a Eurostar staff member hit me up and accused me of not wearing the right kind of mask. Now I find myself alone in France, when I wanted to.” That I come home from a business. Travelling. This is very cruel behavior. We all should get along, not treat each other like this”.

Other Eurostar passengers then complained about this unexpected stop at Lille station, causing a delay of 15 minutes. One passenger asked on social media, “Why is Eurostar stopping its trains, and delaying hundreds of passengers because of a small argument over a man’s mask?”

The French police, who were questioned why the man had been taken off the train, said very surprisingly: “The man was actually stopped by a patrol, but we do not yet know why, we Will have to find out”.


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