Heaps of baggage and endless queues: how to explain the chaos in European airports?

Heaps of baggage and endless queues: how to explain the chaos in European airports?

The goods piled up as far as the eye could see. Dirt is visible at airports in Montreal, Toronto and Athens. difficult for passengers Find your suitcase in the middle of the chaos.. You can also see these long queues at Amsterdam Airport. How do we get here?

“During the pandemic, we laid off a whole range of employees. The problem is that there’s a range of air transport services. If firefighters go on strike, the airport is at a standstill, if they’re customs officers, fine. Similarly”, Patrick Anspach, a journalist specializing in aeronautics, explains.

Even if we get staff, we have to train them

Employees now want more comfortable working hours and pay commensurate with the difficult nature of their work. As a result, the sector is having a tough time recruiting. “We’re looking everywhere. Obviously, unions say ‘find employees’ but we don’t have any. We can no longer find people who left during the pandemic. And even if we could find employees So we have to train them. And that is not done in a month”, Patrick Anspach says.

The time has come for flight cancellations to address this shortcoming. Amsterdam-Schiphol wants to reduce its capacity by 30% over the next three months. Lufthansa canceled 3.000 flights in July/August, Brussels Airlines 700 in the same period. Air Canada and Scandinavian company SAS should also modify their flights downward. The sector has to find a strategy to make its jobs attractive.

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