Hebrew News – New York governor continues to get involved: ex-employee complains to police about sexual harassment

Hebrew News - New York governor continues to get involved: ex-employee complains to police about sexual harassment

New York governor continues to get involved: A former employee complains of sexual harassment to the police

Days after the publication of the findings of the civil investigation against Governor Andrew Cuomo, one of the complainants – who is only mentioned as “Chief Secretary No. 1” – turned to the police and filed a criminal complaint against him. Of. The Governor’s lawyers are expected to submit their response later.

The office of a former New York governor outlined in a report released earlier this week has contacted law enforcement and filed a complaint against Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this morning (Friday).

Left: Governor Cuomo and “Chief Secretary No. 1,” who filed a police complaint against him. Right: Protesters demand ousted governor

As you may recall, last Tuesday, New York Attorney General Leticia James convened a dramatic press conference during which The results of the investigation, which lasted for about five months, came out. He hired two attorneys to investigate allegations that Cuomo sexually assaulted several women who worked for him, and he interviewed 179 governor’s office workers, former employees, New York State police officers, and other local government employees in Albany. took.

“The interviews and evidence reveal a very clear and disturbing picture: Governor Cuomo sexually assaulted prior facts contrary to federal and local law,” the New York attorney general explained, adding that the civil investigation had ended.

As we reported yesterday, at least 2 prosecution offices Contact the Attorney General to request investigation materials, to investigate whether to file an indictment against Cuomo.

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Now, after the former employee filed a complaint (mentioned in the report only as “Chief Secretary No. 1”), New York law enforcement may have to arrest the governor.

New York Attorney General Leticia James (Photo: Reuters)

In the meantime, there will be a press conference later with three lawyers representing Governor Cuomo who are expected to address the serious allegations made in the attorney general’s report.

At the same time, several politicians, including President Biden, began demanding the governor to resign following the findings of the civil investigation.

Two Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, issued a joint statement saying: “The New York Attorney General’s report confirms the claims of the brave women who complained … none of the elected officials above the law.” Well, New York deserves a better leader in the governor’s office. We believe the governor should resign.”

In addition, all Democratic New York representatives in the Washington House of Representatives also issued a joint statement calling on the governor to resign: “It is time for the Cuomo governor to do the right thing for New Yorkers and resign.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also cited the report, saying: “It is clear to all that Andrew Cuomo is not qualified to serve in a public office and cannot continue to serve as governor. He should resign.” He should be fired, and if he continues to resist and attack the investigators doing his job, he should be fired immediately,” the statement said.

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