“Hello, this is Israel.” The Jewish state warned the Gaza man that he would destroy the tower in an instant

A video from a street in Gaza captures a call from the Administrator of the Tower in the Rimal District, who has just received a call from Israel. Jamal Nasman was told that people in the house had two to three hours to get out. Then there is an attack. According to the Israelis, the building was used by Palestinian hardliners of the Hamas movement, which has been shelling the Jewish state with hundreds of rockets a day in recent times.

“I will wait for your blow. And then for two more interventions,” Jamal Nasiman can be heard when Israel warns him in advance that he will destroy his tower in Gaza. | Video: Reuters

Nasman said on the tape, “Yes, absolutely. I’ll wait for your strike. And then for two more hits.” He then tells the Israelites that they have all left the building. At that time, the declared raid was carried out and the ruins from the tower remain.

Nasman later told Reuters that an Israeli official had already warned him over the phone that the 13-story house he cared for would be the target of an airstrike. Israel claims that Hamas carried out intelligence and military operations against the Jewish state from the residential building. “I felt devastated. We built the house for four years, I lived in it for twenty years, then it went away in a blink of an eye,” Nassaman told Reuters.

Israel does not always give advance warning when it attacks what it considers a military target, Reuters reports. According to him, Israel claims that it is trying to save the lives of citizens in this way. He also accused Hamas of using civilian areas to plan attacks on Israeli cities or to carry out operations such as rocket firing.

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Gaza residents say the Israeli action is aimed at punishing ordinary Palestinians, not just Hamas hardliners. According to him, most of the locations are affected without prior warning. Nevertheless, according to Reuters, warnings from the civilian population are used more often than before.

An Israeli source who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said, “We are choosing the deadly weapons necessary to kill those we need to intervene and minimize the impact on others.” He said the attacks were carried out before careful intelligence preparations.


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