Here are the opposite weather forecasts for Luc Trullemans

Here are the opposite weather forecasts for Luc Trullemans

This Saturday a new anticyclone will occur over Brittany and the Western Channel and will move very quickly eastwards towards our country.

This would quickly dry up the air coming to us from the ocean, favoring greater sunlight and even longer sunny periods in the late afternoon.

However, the maximum temperature will be slightly lower than the day before, hovering between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius in the Ardennes and 15 to 17 degrees Celsius over the plains and coast.

The night from Saturday to Sunday will be very starry with some haze in the interior parts of the country. Freshness will be present with morning temperatures between 6 and 8º in the coastal region, between 1 and 6º in the interior, but which can drop to between -6º and +1º in the Ardennes valleys.

sunday :

The high pressure center will approach Poland, turning the air east and southeast, with a supply of light continental air that is still very dry.


So it will be spectacular with a maximum temperature of 12º in Hauts Fagnes and a local maximum temperature of 19 or 20º in the plains and sea.

monday :

A weak cold front with some light rain with lots of clouds over the west of the country will arrive in the morning and gradually move eastwards. Slightly lower temperature between 14 and 18º.


Tuesday and Wednesday :

New high pressure is expected over Western Europe with the Azores High extending towards the Benelux, Germany and Central Europe.


It will give us two more beautiful days, sometimes with a curtain of high clouds. Day temperatures will remain close to seasonal norms, but nights will still remain quite cold, especially from Tuesday to Wednesday, when minimums will drop between 2 and 7º with peaks between -5 and +2º in the valleys of the eastern country.


Thursday :

It will be a day of transition between good weather and turbulent weather with the arrival of more clouds and perhaps light rain already over the coast and Flanders. Temperatures between 11 and 18º depending on altitude.


Friday :

A hurricane depression will develop between Iceland and the British Isles which will increase wind speed that will blow with peaks of 45 to 65 km/h. The rain-bearing area will cross the country, it should be abandoned in the afternoon or evening.


Saturday :

The depression will have moved north of the North Sea and will bring us cool air with alternating clouds and some glimpses of the sun. The southwest wind will be strong with a speed of 50 to 70 km/h.


Between 9 and 16º high.

Possible trends for the period 16 to 21 October:

The weather should remain variable and unstable with regular rains or possibly longer rains.

It will remain cool with a high between 8 and 15º and a low between 5 and 10º.


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