Here’s the Gift Emmanuel Macron Gave Elizabeth II for Her Jubilee

Here's the Gift Emmanuel Macron Gave Elizabeth II for Her Jubilee

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The French president wanted to stand out.

Queen Elizabeth II will mark her 70th anniversary as a landmark this Sunday, May 5. For the occasion, very busy festivities have been planned. Military parade, tribute mass, big concert with Ed Sheeran in the Royal Gardens… All eyes will be on the Queen and her loved ones during this special weekend. And who is called a party, who is called a gift. In fact, celebrities around the world have sent the most coveted gifts to the Queen to celebrate her birth anniversary.

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Emmanuel Macron was no exception and decided to give his majesty a horse, as it turns out paris match france, And not just any horse, because it is Fabuleu de Maucour, one of the 470 horses of the cavalry regiment, aged 7 years. The horse will make a twelve-hour ferry trip to London on Wednesday 1 June and will then be taken to Windsor Castle where it will be handed over to the Royal Guard. In addition to Fabuleu de Maucour, Emmanuel Macron also decided to present the queen with a saddle and a scepter from the Republican Guard. just that !

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