Here’s what he did while shopping…

Here's what he did while shopping...

Ana Bagot, 60, was shopping in a lidal when she ate cashews to check the quality of the product. It was then that the English nurse found herself confronted by a member of staff accused of theft.

The nurse then explained that she had previously bought an expired bag from the supermarket and wanted to taste it to be sure of her next purchase. She explains that this allegation of theft “left her speechless”.

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A spokesperson for Lidl has since stated that they “kindly request that the products be purchased prior to consumption”.

For her part, Sexagenarian found the moment “really terrifying.” “I was feeling quite intimidated. It’s not like I’m having lunch; it was half a walnut. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

Against the backdrop of the economic crisis, Anna Bagot justified her gesture by clarifying: “Crazy is a luxury and we can’t all afford to spend money on food that may expire”. Suffering from cancer, she also said: “I just had 25 sessions of chemo, and with everything going on in the world, walnuts seem insignificant to me.”

For its part, the retail chain completed its response by explaining that “if a customer is not satisfied with a product, we encourage them to always contact our customer service team”.

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For Anna, the choice is made. “I won’t go back after that,” she responded.


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