Hippolyto is in favor of a change in the PRM statute that would allow Abinador to be reinstated and leave it until 2024.

Hipólito está a favor de cambios estatutos PRM que permitirían repostulación de Abinader y se descarta para el 2024

The republic’s former president, Hipólito Mejia, was in favor of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), revising its internal statutes so that Luis Abinedar could be relegated to a second consecutive term as head of state.

“And why do you have to be outside the constitution, we all talk about the constitution … you can’t legislate, what is the national reality … during the interview by Juan Cadena, the leader of the PRM, of the executive leadership of the governing party. The member said, should be aseptic.

The former president insisted on waiting the two years that President Luis Abinedar requested without touching upon the issue of presidential re-election.

Mejia said that if the elections were held “now”, Luis Abinador would win the electoral tournament “60 to 10”, but added that it would be a decision that Luis would make “in due course”.

Article 101 of the Ruling Party’s Statutes establishes that “so long as the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) calls upon Congress to debate the issue of the re-election of the President, it shall be prohibited.”

In April, Eddie Olivares, who serves as chairman of the party unit’s Statutory Reform Commission, reported in the coming months that he would submit a proposal to the governing party’s supreme body to reform 137 articles of its internal statutes, Including the subject of the President’s refusal.


During the interview, Mejia dismissed any possibility of re-running for the country’s presidency “even if people ask him,” adding that he is already 80 years old.

“I travel to Guarabo and I have to put myself in salt water … I am calm, I am on my handle, in my projects, in the next few days we will open one in Jarabacoa … I am calm , ” Mejia said.

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“We are analyzing Louis’ cabinet”

When asked about the performance of the cabinet elected by Louis Abinedar, the former president replied, “Some very good, some good, some bad and some very bad… without going into details.”

Mejia revealed that since the fourth month of the government, he has been evaluating the performance of various ministers and state officials.

“We are analyzing them… you are by ears, mine with numbers… I am never wrong with numbers, you have to believe me when I say them… without Without passion, without lies, without lies because he is making a fool of himself” said Mejia.


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