His daughter Amelia (9) can no longer go to school… until she pays 51 euros a day, “I can’t stand it”

His daughter Amelia (9) can no longer go to school... until she pays 51 euros a day,

Christina Curry, 38, is upset. His nine-year-old daughter Amelia is forced to miss her first days of school because her mother must pay at least £44 (51 euros) a day for a taxi. Something she can’t stand.

In Pillars of the Sun, Christina admitted to being “stressed and exhausted” from the situation. Her daughter does not know how to go to school as she cannot take the bus alone. Before the transportation problem, however, Christina was “thrilled” that her daughter was starting a new chapter at her new school. But when his father fired him in the first few days, he no longer knew how to travel. Christina has had to pay for a taxi several times to bring her daughter to school, but with the cost of living rising, she learns that she can no longer afford it.

“Amelia has struggled with school for a long time because of her own needs. She has learning difficulties and ADHD. Her father had to take time off from work to make sure Amelia goes to school on her first day on August 31st and then Come home. It was extraordinary for her first day, but it’s not something we can ask my employer every time, “Sorry mom.

“I had to take him to school in a taxi for two days because I don’t drive. It costs me 44 pounds (51 euros) every time we stay next to Liburn (UK) and their new school is on the other end. This is money that I need too, ”says Christina. The mother of the family says, “As a single parent on a profit, I can’t afford taxis every day to get Amelia to and from her school until all is well.”

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“Until transport is arranged, my daughter is illiterate. It’s really unfair,” Christina laments.


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