Hong Kong fires pro-democracy lawmakers as China protests

Hong Kong fires pro-democracy lawmakers as China protests

Bypassing Beijing’s order, Hong Kong’s courts and political constructions, drawing China’s strictures on the financial center, which has autonomy Sharp decline this year Despite previous promises, it will allow the city to run its own large-scale works by 2047.

The timing of Beijing’s intervention and decision could also signal President-elect Joe Biden that the ruling Communist Party has no intention of easing the persecution of Hong Kong, a bitter dispute between the United States and China.

Four legislators – among them Accountant Kenneth Leung Businessman, pro-democracy leader – Lawyer Alvin Young was originally barred from rejoining the legislature in September, but the government Postponed for one year, Citing coronavirus.

Initially sitting MLAs were told they could continue serving their terms until the election. But on Wednesday, Beijing passed a resolution saying any legislators considered patriotic should be disqualified for committing atrocities such as supporting Hong Kong’s independence or urging foreign powers to intervene in the city’s affairs.

The pro-democracy legislators had Threatened to resign during the Mass If it happened. In an interview, Democratic Party leader Wu Chi-wai said those plans to resign have not changed, and more details will be released later Wednesday.

At a news conference, the four expressed sadness and despair and said they had fought for Hong Kong’s mini-constitution and democratic principles enshrined in law.

“We are all business people, giving up our time and resources because we want to fight for justice and Hong Kong’s core values,” said Leung, who has represented the accounting sector in the legislature for the past eight years. . In a previous interview with this post, Leung pushed against government allegations that he supported U.S. sanctions against Hong Kong officials.

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Denis Kwok, another MLA who was ousted on Wednesday, pulled out of China. Using Philibuster rules To block the passage of laws imposed by Beijing – including one after the national anthem was mocked.

Kuwak said in a single news conference on Wednesday that he was only using his power under the current rules. “It would be my honor to observe the proper procedures and to protect systems and functions and to fight for democracy and human rights, leading to the consequences of disqualification,” he said.

The Beijing resolution marks the second time this year that the central government has directly interfered in the resulting political decision in Hong Kong. Under the 1997 handover terms, Hong Kong should have one “High Freedom” In everything except foreign affairs and defense.

In late June, Beijing Passed a new national security law By Fiat, similarly bypassing all political structures in Hong Kong. The law cooled the city’s democratic movement for both of its content – punishing offenses with broader terms such as “treason” and “insults to state power” with prison life – and the way it was enforced.

Lam told reporters Wednesday that it was “logical” that he was “not fit to run in the election as a legislator.” She added that the Hong Kong government “cannot decide” whether to allow the four to remain, and that their government had consulted Beijing.

China’s basic liaison office in Hong Kong added in a statement that the basic requirement to fight for an office in Hong Kong was to be “patriotic” and to love Hong Kong and China. Beijing’s decision is in line with Hong Kong’s mini-constitution – known as the Basic Law – and the new National Security Act.

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Chinese analysts Expect stress To continue under the Biden administration between the United States and China. The vice-president-elect was Kamala de Harris Between sponsors The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which paved the way for sanctions. There is also Harris Spoke In support of the pro-democracy movement in the city.


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