Hong Kong media giant Jimmy Lai has been charged under National Security Act

Hong Kong media giant Jimmy Lai has been charged under National Security Act

Lai, 73, who is known for his support of the city’s democratic movement and criticism of mainland China, was charged with suspected involvement with foreign forces and endangering national security, according to Hong Kong police.

He is the most high-profile person charged under the law, which was imposed by Beijing in June. The crime of colluding with foreign powers carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Lie was Arrested in August, The same day that about 200 officers raided the newsroom of their pro-democracy tabloid Apple Paul Daily, and seized boxes of a number of documents.
CNN at his home in Cologne in August. Talking to, Lie Said his arrest The national security law imposed by Beijing was a “symbolic exercise” by local officials to show teeth.

“There is always a price to pay. I have been fighting (for democracy) for years,” he said, adding that they would continue to do so because “without freedom you have nothing left.”

Earlier this month, the line was denied bail following arrests on separate charges of fraud. He has been in custody ever since.

The line is revered by many as the standard bearer of Hong Kong’s democratic movement. But others have long accused him of being a United States agent because of his strong ties to Washington. Lai is a U.S. citizen. That is why he has persuaded China to take a tough line In august He has not done so in person since the law was passed on June 30.

La called the allegations against him “very serious,” including evidence presented to him by authorities during his detention hours after his arrest, including a television interview with the international media, in which he called for China’s approval.

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Under national security law, this can be interpreted as an alliance with a foreign force.

Lai also said he did not support Hong Kong’s independence movement, although he did support the people’s freedom to call, and denied long-running rumors that he used money from the US to oust China.

The Hong Kong government has upheld the law needed to bring peace and order to the city. It has been condemned by human rights groups, the European Union and the United States as too broad and restrictive of the city’s civil liberties.

Why Jimmy Lai is the only Hong Kong millionaire to stand up for China

When the law was passed, Hong Kong leader Carrie May said it would only “target a very small minority of criminals, while protecting the lives and property of most citizens, as well as various legitimate fundamental rights and freedoms.”

At least two dozen people have been arrested on a variety of charges, including one of Lina’s sons, on suspicion of violating national security laws. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It comes after three High profile activists were jailed On December 2, to join protests during the month-long unrest in Hong Kong last year over the proposed extradition bill with China.

Joshua Wang was sentenced to 13.5 months in prison on June 21, 2019, after being found guilty of staging an unauthorized protest outside the city’s police headquarters.

Two other activists, Agnes Chow and Evan Lum, were sentenced to 10 months and seven months in prison, respectively. Chow was charged with inciting and participating in a protest, while Lam was charged with protesting.

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With reports from Jenny Marsh, Will Ripley and James Griffiths.


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