Hope for Central Europe, a complication for Turo, is evaluated by Czech polls to foreign media – T24 – Czech Television

Hope for Central Europe, a complication for Turo, is evaluated by Czech polls to foreign media - T24 - Czech Television

“Prime Minister Ledi Babi’s Yes Movement suffered a surprise defeat in the Czech elections, which casts a shadow on her political future. In addition, the Communists and Social Democrats, who were part of Babi’s coalition government, were forced to enter parliament. Failed to exceed the required 5% threshold,” Brussels wrote. server politico. Politico described the outcome of the alliance of pirates and mayors as “a great disappointment”.

according to french diary le monde Babi’s movement is facing opposition success and should not be able to form a government. A reversal can happen only if one of the opposition parties has reached a “questionable post-election settlement” and agrees to cooperate with Yes, writes the daily. “(Babiq) tried everything from the campaign against Brussels to the friendship with Viktor Orban, but it still didn’t work out,” says Le Monde.

According to Le Mond, after these elections, the Czech Republic will once again join the European Union, but nothing is given and recalls that the possible future prime minister Petr Fiala rejects the euro. The daily said coalition partners will also have to work hard to find a consensus on gay marriages or the legalization of pirate-promoted cannabis.

“This weekend belongs to the TOTAL alliance. (…) For Lady Babi, however, the game is not over yet, ”the Prague correspondent wrote in its analysis BBC Rob Cameron further recalls that the future prime minister would be appointed by President Milos Zeman, who had previously announced that he would not take into account the results of the coalition, but only those of individual parties.

american newspaper the new York Times believes that the results of the Czech elections may indicate a decline in populism in Central Europe, although there is no clear disapproval of this. According to the newspaper, the dynamics of the populist wave was halted, among other things, by Donald Trump’s failure in the US presidential election, which caused a loss of confidence in populist leaders, writes the NYT.

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“The End of the Post-Communism Era”

British letter Guardian He described the outcome of the Czech elections as “the end of the post-Communist era” and “a very symbolic departure into the Communists’ eternal hunting ground”. According to him, Lady Babik has little chance of forming a second government. The Guardian recalled the discrepancy between its pre-election statements on financial transparency and the fight against corruption and, on the other hand, a less than a week-old discovery of large property ownership in southern France by anonymous companies. Also, according to the letter, there is a shadow of doubt about the health of the President regarding the entire election.

German ARD station The government movement writes on its Tageschau server about the surprise defeat of Yes. However, he reminds that much will depend on who President Milos Zeman entrusts with forming the government. “In the past, Zeman has repeatedly assured that he will hand over to the strongest party, not the coalition,” recalls Tageschau. Given that the Coalition Together and Piratesstan announced before the election that they would not cooperate with Babi, the Czech Republic is in danger of a deadlock, the server being shut down.

Also German dpa agency She noted that the president made no secret of his support for Babi, who could then expect a commission from Zeman to form the government.

“Critical Votes for Failed Parties”

“It seemed that Lady Babi would succeed in a difficult attempt to turn, but it is not enough for her to remain head of the Czech government. Half a year ago, it did not look like she would at least compete for victory, But the two opposition factions are on their way to form the next government,” said the Slovak list pravda.

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Commentator sees the outcome of the Czech elections as a hope for the whole of Central Europe diary of Martin Simeska. “At a time when Central Europe is facing the biggest crisis of democracy since the fall of communism, the result of the Czech elections is of great importance. It creates a closer bond between the Czech Republic and Slovakia as opposed to Poland and Hungary. whose governments have an authoritarian character,” Zimeka writes. However, according to him, a closer look is not so encouraging – half of the electorate voted for populist or extremist parties.

diary we are He believes that even though Czechia did not choose to change, it has. “Parliament’s composition is important, and it speaks to change. It just so happens, sometimes votes are important for unsuccessful parties. However, it is still true that most Czech voters are jumping on populist waves, “Smee wrote. He added that Czechia has a chance that instead of a populist, the government will be headed by a professor, former university rector, TOTAL coalition leader Petr Fiala, who weighs the words.

“Defeat at the Finish Line”

The Polish news agency commented on the results of the Czech elections, “the change of the winner to the last line”. television tvn 24. He emphasized that the current opposition was able to overtake the movement of Prime Minister Lady Babi, who initially led the vote, and won a majority in the lower house. “The results testify to the historic defeat of the communists in Bohemia. For the first time since 1989, the KSM will not have its own representatives in parliament. The results are relentless even for social democracy. Will end outside Parliament,” commented TVN.

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“Babik’s Yes Movement Is Weighing Together Centre-Right Coalition,” Writes Opposition List Gazzetta Vyborcza And says that even in the event of a close victory, the Prime Minister’s party will not be able to form the government. According to the daily, Czechs celebrated Babi’s defeat by tapping their pints of beer in Prague pubs – it was the voters of Prague where the vote count was the longest that sealed Babi’s defeat: Babi’s Yes third place in the metropolis. Stayed on

“Preliminary election results in the Czech Republic do not arouse optimism when it comes to resolving the Turo dispute quickly and easily. The Czechs will now have other problems and besides, the Polish mine is no thing for them on the front pages of the newspapers ,” he wrote in a comment. server money.pl. “Poland relied on an early settlement of the dispute, but it turned out that the Polish hopes that elections in the Czech Republic would change something were futile in Turo’s case. The Czechs would now be absorbed by forming a stable majority in parliament,” the portal said. said.


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