How does Iran want to acquire nuclear technology?

برنامج ايران النووي

The Jerusalem Post newspaper published a report for the German intelligence agency from Schleswig-Holstein in the far north of Germany, which included detailed information about secret methods used by Iran to secure illegal technology for the most dangerous weapons His efforts were included. In this world.

Countries interested in nuclear weapons such as Iran and North Korea are trying to circumvent security precautions and legal export regulations and hide illegal procurement activities. According to intelligence agency reports, they often resort to conspiratorial means and methods to do so.

The intelligence document indicated that “nuclear proliferation remains one of the central counterinity missions at Schleswig-Holstein.”

The Iranian regime’s methods of obtaining illegal weapons of mass destruction include, according to intelligence reports, “to deceive the buyer about the true nature of the sale and the creation of illegal procurement networks involving front companies and middlemen.” Creating a neutral company. “

The intelligence agency said that the Iranian regime could also use “twisted deliveries through third countries to not determine the final buyer”.

According to intelligence, the Islamic Republic “may distribute illegal procurement activities in multiple single unheard deliveries to avoid exposing the entire trade.”

Tehran can “hide” the individual user, and “hide” the “personal”, company, or institution with which the goods reside in the end. “

The report states that Schleswig-Holstein states bordering Denmark are “numerous companies as well as universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences that have sensitive technical knowledge.”

The intelligence agency said that in 2020 it held talks with companies and educational institutions to “sensitize” efforts to “anti-proliferation”. The Iranian regime was cited 19 times in a 218-page intelligence report covering the state’s security threats.

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In the context of illegal proliferation purchases, the report noted that “products that can be used at civilian and military levels are of particular importance (so-called dual-use goods) because they should be easy to obtain. Countries such as Iran and North Korea Continues to seek such products, technologies and scientific knowledge.

In 2013, a Hamburg court convicted 3 Iranians of German dual nationality and German citizenship for violating German export law.

The men used negotiators to distribute nuclear equipment in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Prosecutors said in 2012: “In 2010 and 2011, suspects have helped deliver special valves for the construction of a heavy water reactor in Iran, thus violating the ban on Iran.”

The “Jerusalem Post” newspaper reported on Tuesday that a new report prepared by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) confirmed that the Iranian regime tried to obtain technology for weapons of mass destruction in 2020 Had.

The Washington Post also reported last month that the Bavarian State Intelligence Agency in Germany said that “nuclear technology-related and interested countries such as Iran and North Korea are making efforts to expand and continuously modernize weapons of mass destruction.”

Last April, the newspaper reported that the Swedish Security Agency revealed in its 2020 intelligence report that Iran had sought to obtain Swedish technology for its nuclear weapons program, according to al-Arabiya.


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