How does this affect our energy bills?

How does this affect our energy bills?

If a summer/winter timing system was introduced, it was to save energy. But now, this change mostly seems more costly to us. Anyway, this is what an article on suggests. Actually, winter time means we will need more electricity during peak hours. British researchers estimate that the daily additional cost is 1.39 euros.

Summer/winter timing was introduced during the oil crisis in 1977. The idea behind this was that we can use sunlight for longer periods of time in the summer to save energy. Today, this energy-saving effect has largely been overcome due to more efficient lighting. Despite the fact that the European Parliament decided in 2019 to eliminate the distinction between summer time and winter time, the system still applies.

impact on our energy bills

Most households record the highest consumption between 5 pm and 8 pm. Although it will be dark 1 hour before now. That is, during peak hours we will need more light and energy. Professor Aoife Foley of Queen’s University Belfast also reached this conclusion. According to him, maintaining daylight saving time will reduce the demand for energy during peak hours as in this case, workers go home when it is daylight. According to a recent British study, eliminating the time change in October would save 400 pounds sterling (460 euros) per year per family.

Knowing that in addition, most household energy consumption does not come from lighting but from heating, so evidence of energy savings remains to be demonstrated.

Infection in wintertime is also criticized for its effects on biological rhythms, particularly by doctors or parents of school-age children who report consequences for sleep, mood, or sleep disorders. ‘Warning.

Another factor is the economic aspect as winter time has a negative impact on our consumption patterns. From the perspective of road safety, it is found that more accidents occur in the week after the change of time.

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