How long will India remain a UN decision-making body?


PM Modi addressed the 75th UN General Assembly on Saturday evening via video link

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday evening raised a strong voice for the more important role of the UN Security Council – the world’s highest decision-making body for India, and asked, “When will we have to wait? When will it be up to India? ? “

“When we were weak, we did not bother the world. When we became strong, we did not become a burden on the world. When will we have to wait? India has sent troops to the UN peacekeeping mission and most troops. Lost, “The The Prime Minister said in a powerful opening remarks.

“The ideals of the United Nations and the core principles of India are the same. Vasudev Kutumbakam (The world is a family) The UN hall has echoed many times. He said that India has always thought about the welfare of the world.

Addressing the General Assembly through a pre-recorded speech, PM Modi reminded the United Nations that 100 million Indians still believe in its ideals, but said the global body needs to adapt and change to stay relevant in the present times. is needed.

The Prime Minister said that the United Nations needs reform and India is waiting for that reform.

The Security Council (UNSC) is the UN’s highest decision-making body and is the only one that can take legally binding decisions, such as imposing sanctions. There are five permanent members – the US, the UK, China, Russia and France, each with veto powers.

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India, which has previously served seven terms as a non-permanent and elected member Re-elected for a term of two years In June with Ireland, Mexico and Norway (the term begins January 1, 2021).

On India’s re-election, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that the country “Deeply thankful for the overwhelming support (From) The Global Community for India’s Membership in the UN Security Council “.

However, India has long demanded a definite role and reform of the current system.

The government said last week According to “top priority” to get a permanent seat At UNSC which “reflects contemporary global realities”.

India has the support of four of the five permanent members, including the United States. In February, President Donald Trump said he was committed to working with India to strengthen and reform the UN.

However, there is a section of the United Nations that only supports expansion into the non-permanent category, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralitharan told parliament in a vague reference to China.

After India’s re-election as a non-permanent member, China said it would seek to increase cooperation With all parties but no comment on the drive for a permanent meeting.

On Wednesday, the group of India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) expressed “frustration” at the “slow” pace of reform progress in the Security Council and said it was time to move on to a result-oriented process to extend the time. Key global organization.

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The three countries in a joint statement called for speeding up the reform of the UNSC, saying any failure to do so could have serious implications for international peace and security.

In addition to tightening up for a permanent seat on the Security Council, the Prime Minister also said in today’s speech India will help the world fight the coronavirus epidemic.

“Today I want to give one more vaccine to the global community,” he added, adding that India’s vaccine production and distribution capacity will be used to help all humanity fight this crisis. “


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