How much of a problem is racial discrimination in the world of makeup? Where is NG? | Lifestyle | For WOMAN |

  How much of a problem is racial discrimination in the world of makeup?  Where is NG?  |  Lifestyle |  For WOMAN |

<आज की विविध और वैश्वीकृत दुनिया में सुंदरता के मानक क्या हैं? >

The movement to eliminate racial discrimination has been active in various fields in recent years. Specifically in 2020, the “Black Lives Matter” that discriminated against Asian people from China against the coronovirus epidemic and white police officers in the United States protested to black citizens became a big swell around the world, and those voicing them The number increased. It was

On the other hand, in Japan, there has been much criticism over the fact that the chairman of cosmetics company DHC recently posted an anti-Korean hate speech on the official website.

Under such circumstances, the trouble of racial discrimination on cosmetics has recently become a hot topic. Many feel that makeup is misleading and leads to unconscious discrimination because many methods emphasize skin color and facial parts.

The popular YouTuber also challenges the “Fox Eye”

A controversial example of recent trends in the cosmetics world is the “Fox Eye” makeup method.

To emphasize the sharp eye, the eyelid was pulled slightly thicker and longer, and the outer corner of the eye was formed in Japan like a “jump-up eyeline”, which became very popular in Western countries. It is said that popular American models such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner started, and then became popular with the general public.

It was named “Fox Eye” because it looks like a fox, and was so popular that the hash tag #FoxyEyes, #fox_eye_makeup, and Fox Eye Challenge appeared primarily on Instagram on SNS.

Popular YouTubers who introduce makeup methods and cosmetics also picked up this makeup and immediately improved the makeup method and it became a popular video.

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Are fox eyes discriminating against orientals?

However, on the other hand, it is now argued that this makeup method is discrimination against Asians.

It has been criticized for emphasizing the long, raised eyes, which can be called a feature of Asians, and is reminiscent of the “movement of pulling and narrowing the eyes sideways”, which has long frustrated Asians Huh. In addition, on Instagram, many people place their hands on their ears to emphasize their eyes while taking pictures of this makeup, which also reminds us of discrimination with Asians.

In particular, Sophia Wang’s article, a 17-year-old Asian-American who contributed to a Stanford University student newspaper, was noted.

In her article she said, “(This makeup trend) is a new trend that causes old stereotypes and old derision. It’s disrespectful to people like me. Now is the time for this discrimination. It’s time to talk about it.” Time is up, “he strongly disagrees.

After that, in the comments section of YouTubers and Influencers, who uploaded Fox Eye photos and videos, several comments were received as “I want you to stop discriminating for Asians”, and then more people posted a message of apology. did. I came.

However, it would be criticized if it was named “Asian Make / Asian Eye” or if it was a silly “playful make”, but it is a new standard of beauty. But isn’t it criticism for conforming to the characteristics that he originally had?

Of course, if the pose in the picture is reminiscent of an Asian sneaky pose that draws your eyes sideways, you should stop it because it will hurt you even when you don’t feel like it.

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However, if you look at the make-up methods of Japanese ubutors and influencers, you can see how to shorten the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes, and make the dust darker. All makeup methods have been developed to approach Western beauty. I do makeup that makes my skin look darker than necessary, and I write tear bags or shape it because I want to enlarge my eyes, but there are such opinions that foreigners don’t understand that Why do this

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