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Andrew Somerville, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Iowa, United States, confirmed this result after establishing a date for human occupation in a Coxcatlán cave located in the Tehuacan Valley (Mexico), cited by the academic journal Latin American Antiquity.

Somerville specified that the radiocarbon data for several rabbit and deer bones, collected in 1960 as part of the Tehuacan Archaeological-Botanical Project, was between 33,448 and 28,279 years old, elements not yet specified in other investigations.

“We were surprised to find these really ancient dates at the bottom of the cave, and that means we need to take a closer look at the artifacts recovered from those levels,” he remarked on the importance of those for a better understanding. See you. chronology of the region.

The publication recalled that previous studies were based on coal and plant samples, but bones are a better material for dating.

On the other hand, the expert declared that another area of ​​investigation would be concerned with the discovery of traces in bones and specifying their origin by a stone, human or cooking tool.

‘Determining whether stone artifacts are man-made products or if they are naturally chipped stone would be one way to get to the bottom of it. If we can find strong evidence that humans actually made and used these tools, that’s another way,’ he stressed.

They concluded that the arrival of the first humans more than 30,000 years ago would confirm the presence before the last glacial period, the time of the greatest expansion of the ice sheets about 20 thousand years ago.

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