Hungary has «no longer a place in the European Union»

Hungary has «no longer a place in the European Union»

The Dutch head of government reacted with criticism of the gay law recently passed in Hungary.

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  • According to the head of the Dutch government, the European Union is “a community of values”.
  • After the gay law was passed, Hungary had no business in the European Union.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Has Hungarian Due of the recently passed gay law sharply criticized. « In my opinion they have European Union Nothing else to see,” said Root at the EU summit in Brussels. But he alone cannot decide it. The other 26 member countries will have to do this together.

Hungary head of government Viktor Orban The summit was refused, controversial law take back. It came into force on Thursday and provides for the restriction of information on homosexuality and transsexuality. The official goal is the protection of minors.

Contrary to Rutte’s suggestion, there is no process to exit a member state from the EU. A country can leave only on its own initiative.

Rutte: “We want to bring Hungary to its knees”

However, Hungary is already facing criminal proceedings for deficiencies in the rule of law such as restrictions on the independence of the judiciary and freedom of the press and expression, which could take back the right to vote at EU level. So far the move has not found a sufficient majority among member states.

“I can’t push him out,” Rutte said. In the case of Hungary, the EU must proceed step by step. Orban had to be clear that the EU was a “community of values”. “We want to bring Hungary to its knees.”

Since the beginning of the year, the EU has also had the option of cutting funding to those countries if their fair use is affected by deficits in the rule of law. However, it has not been used yet. This is because of complaints from Hungary and Poland to the European Court of Justice. According to an agreement between heads of state and heads of government, a decision must be awaited before the mechanism can be used.

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