I can’t wait to raise the white flag. Covid has destroyed the Malaysian economy. Pop up campaign for people to help each other.

 I can't wait to raise the white flag.  Covid has destroyed the Malaysian economy.  Pop up campaign for people to help each other.

This morning in Mo Chit – Malaysia launched a “raising the white flag” campaign for those who need immediate help, just bring a white cloth to make a flag. Or tied in front of the house for help, rice, fish, food to sustain life without asking or borrowing someone to feel embarrassed or need to decide to end life to avoid problems that may arise is not

Since the COVID-19 outbreak last year the Malaysian government has issued eight relief packages for those affected by the economy, totaling 380 billion ringgit, or about 2.9 trillion baht, but not enough to meet demand. More than 122,000 Malaysians have called the health ministry’s help hotline since January this year, and there were 336 suicides in the first three months of this year (January-March). The average dead body is four per age, which is more than half the number of suicides in 2020

In addition to the lack of vaccines and the collapse of the public health system now, many countries have reached a point where COVID-19 has had a painful impact on people. When many people have lost their jobs and have no income in their pockets. The elderly have to lose their grandchildren who are the pillars of care for their families. Young children lose their parents. This leaves many people unable to survive. The media is reporting on various aspects of those affected.

So last week I saw a picture of the movement in Malaysia’s social media. Help spread campaign news. #Bendraputih For those who need immediate help, bring white cloth to make a white flag in front of the house. Whoever has seen enough to help, will bring rice and fish meal. Or a small amount tied to a fence to allow one or more people to survive in the house each day.

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According to reports, many Malaysians seek help through this campaign. Most of them were elderly people who lived alone at home. And for those who have lost their jobs, lack of income recently, the small business sector has proceeded to expand the campaign. Open a channel for food aid and the need to help people in distress

** What is the White Flag Campaign? **
After the Malaysian government announced the extension of lockdown measures. It started to take effect from July 1, in the past, there are some businesses that have to be closed. More people will lose their jobs, at least several months from now. The #WhiteFlag and #BenderaPutih hashtags were shared on Malaysian social media. #KitaJagaKita #RakyatJagaRakyat for those in need of immediate help and hashtag. with strength for those who have the power to help others

This campaign has been widely shared on Twitter. Both the picture and the text invite people in trouble to sign white flags in front of their homes without feeling embarrassed. Or feel any guilt for asking for help because the COVID situation has troubled everyone. By begging everyone not to think too small and make those we love sad. And don’t be shy just come out and put a white flag in front of the house.

Meanwhile, the Malaysia Food Truck Shop page shared a message saying: Ask people who need help with food to tie a white cloth to the front of the house. Those who do not have a house, they can wear white cloth on their car, bicycle or on their body. Let’s look at this as a white flag. It would be nice to have someone who is still able to send immediate help, even a small amount.

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For those who want to help others in society right now, my advice is to share a small amount with a neighbor or close friend. Dry food or items available as per strength Please follow social distancing measures as strictly as possible. And ask to help spread the news that there is help in this form.

status of covid-19 in malaysia
On Monday, June 28, 2021, the Malaysian government announced another round of lockdown measures that are indefinite. As a result, factories, businesses and industries still have to follow the strict rules announced earlier by the government. The number of daily infections has reached around 7,000 per day, after the government’s assessment of the situation in the Covid-19 outbreak did not improve. The number of deaths has not stopped since the third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. Found a mutant that makes it difficult to control.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the government would extend the lockdown until the outbreak was under control. Less than 4,000 new coronavirus cases have been reported a day after Malaysian authorities reported new cases of coronavirus in the country. As of Saturday, June 26, there were 5,803 cases and 81 additional deaths, taking Malaysia’s latest cumulative numbers to 765,949 and 5,327 deaths.


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