‘I could look her straight in the eye’ (pictured)

'I could look her straight in the eye' (pictured)

Jamaicans Brunel (35) and Bjorn Sabbe (40) surprised strange visitors when they came home from work on Wednesday. In broad daylight, thieves had actually decided to break into his house in an attempt to leave him with significant loot. And clearly, it took the couple a long time to understand what was going on. “We were helping our four-year-old daughter get out of the car. Then I saw a strange figure walking on the sidewalk. I could look him straight in the eye, but of course, I had no idea what was going on at the time,” the Jamaican tells Neuesblad.

Yet inside, the thugs have prepared everything for several minutes. The family understood as soon as they entered inside. “The thief was already gone. When he heard us coming home, he must have fled through the back door and through our side hedge,” she adds. The couple are happy with one thing: their 13-year-old daughter boarding Is at school. “It was a Wednesday afternoon, she could have stayed home and suffered a stroke for the rest of her life.”

If their privacy is still violated, Jamaica and Björn console themselves by saying that the robbery could have been more because the thief had prepared everything. “We had two televisions waiting at the door, as were our laptops, tablets, jewelry… even cans of soap and Coke. I think he set everything up and just went to get his car to load it. He actually took with him 550 euros in cash and 60 dollars which we still had as a souvenir from a trip to the United States a long time ago. ,

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Thanks to their surveillance camera, the family was able to provide accurate details of the person as well as their car. This led to the arrest of the thief.


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