“I cried tears of joy”

Since she was little, thirty-year-old Alina Luka from London has dreamed of starting a big family. However, his chances were hampered by his thyroid. Despite this bad news, the young woman doesn’t give up on herself and decides to try anyway with her partner, Rick. But, after two years of unsuccessful attempts, the couple decided to give up.

But it is without count that a month later, doctors reported that the young woman was pregnant with two girls, a week apart. A rare phenomenon called superfetation. This phenomenon occurs when an egg is fertilized by a sperm and implants in the uterus for a second time, days or weeks after the procedure first occurs. Only a few cases of superfetation have been identified in the UK, Italy and Canada.

“I didn’t think it was possible,” rejoices Luna with reporters for the Daily Mail. “I got pregnant when I was already pregnant. I didn’t think it was possible. I asked the doctor “Are you serious? How is it possible to get pregnant when you are already pregnant? ,

Thus, on March 15, Ellie and Miley were born. Something to fill with happiness a young mother who is fulfilling her dream as a little girl. “Last year, I said I was going to give up because I was upset and felt there was no point in trying again and that if it had to happen, it would,” she concludes. “And a month later I found out I was pregnant. It was ridiculous. I cried tears of joy because I was so happy. I called my sister and asked her to take a pregnancy test to see if it was positive because I thought that I’m dreaming of.”

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