“I immediately burst into tears” (Photo)

Everyone’s taste is different. While some prefer to eat the Big Mac menu, others are moving towards vegetarian options. This is especially the case of Charlotte, who ordered the “Veggie Deluxe” during her visit to McDonald’s in Corstorfin, Edinburgh.

After just one bite, the 26-year-old started vomiting and crying. The Reason? His diet, which was supposed to be vegetarian, was unfortunately made of meat for him. She expresses her anger on social networks.

“I don’t care how many comments I get. I’m totally hurt when I’ve never eaten meat in my life when I see chicken labeled as a veggie burger. I felt thrown off and sick, mislabeling the food Dangerous to do!!!”, she writes.

Charlotte says: “I immediately burst into tears. I was really hungry. I took a bite and when I swallowed I realized it was not what I expected. Since I’ve never eaten meat, I didn’t know it tasted like meat. It tasted like Quorn, but the ‘Veggie Deluxe’ tastes not the same.

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