“I was screaming ‘It’s money’!”

Vicky Umodu lives in California and is not rolling in gold. Recently, while browsing the Craigslist site (a classifieds site in the United States, editor’s note), this mom found some free articles. “I met a family that wanted to offer all the elements that make up their room, along with a sofa,” she tells ABC 7.

Thinking of a scam, Vicky likes to ensure the good faith of the sellers. After calling them, she is convinced and accepts the generous offer. “I just moved in and I have nothing at home. I was so excited, so we went straight to pick him up and took him home.”

Except that once at home, Mom discovers something strange is inside a pillow. “I thought it was a heating pad,” she says. However, upon opening it, Vicky discovers something different: large envelopes containing several $100 bills. The total amount? 35,000 dollars (over 32,000 euros)!

A surprising discovery that, however, the mother did not want to take advantage of. “I was just saying to my son, come on, come on! I was screaming ‘It’s money! I need to call that guy'” Vicky finally returned the full amount to the family who had gifted him the sofa “God have mercy on me and my children, they are all healthy. I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what more can I ask for? ยป

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Impressed by Vicky’s honesty, the family offered her $2,500 to buy a new refrigerator. What was the money doing in the couch? She still doesn’t know why the deceased parents hid so many stamps in several items in their home.


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