Iceland opens boundaries for all vaccinations / days

Iceland opens boundaries for all vaccinations / days

The ministry said on Tuesday that this policy, which is for guests in the Schengen area from January 20, will now apply to all passengers.

Customs representatives will accept the vaccination certificate of Schengen countries and the “yellow card” of the World Health Organization.

“All those who have been fully vaccinated against Kovid-19 will be able to travel to Iceland,” the statement said.

An alternative is for travelers to be able to show an antibody test that indicates their previous infection.

With this decision, Iceland has become one of the first European countries to open its borders to countries outside the Schengen region.

Cyprus has already announced this month that it will allow all vaccinated Britons to enter from May 1, waiving the need for self-segregation.

With the new policy, Iceland hopes to attract travelers from the United States and the United Kingdom, the two largest tourism markets and world leaders in vaccination programs.

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