If Belgians had to vote in France to elect a president, here’s what the results would be

If Belgians had to vote in France to elect a president, here's what the results would be

If the Belgians voted in the French presidential election, a majority would elect Emmanuel Macron in the first round. That’s the lesson from our RTL INFO-Ipsos survey conducted this Thursday, March 30th.

On 10 and 24 April, our French neighbors will vote to elect a future president of their republic. We have dedicated a file to it with our video analysis: find them on this page,

to know the status of Belgian In connection with this election, we conducted a survey: Which candidate would you vote for in France?

the answer is quite clear between them 1,635 respondents who chooseand confirms French polls that give Emmanuel Macron a clear winner.

  • 54% of Belgians who voted would vote for Macron in the first round,
  • 12% would opt for Marine Le Pen instead,
  • 8% for Anne Hidalgo, just ahead of Eric Zemor (8%)
  • and Jean-Luc Melenchon (6%).

Here are the results in the second round of positions between Emmanuel Macron and other celebrities:

Note that 12% of respondents did not participate and 40% said they were undecided when presented with a list of 12 candidates in the race.

difference between regions

Emmanuel Macron is the undisputed leader in the three realms of the Kingdom, but as for the rest of the podium, there are some differences between the residents of Flemings, Walloons and Brussels: Macron, Le Pen and Zemour will form the Walloon podium. Macron, Zemour, Melenchon in Brussels. and Macron, Le Pen and… Hidalgo in Flanders. The socialist candidate is far behind in the elections in France, but will be in a surprisingly good position here in the north of the country.

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The candidates whom Belgians omit include “smaller” formats such as Jean LaSalle, Nathalie Arthoud or Nicolas Dupont Agent (all of whom collected less than one percent of the votes polled). Belgium’s brutal dissent to the party “Les Républiques”, Valerie Pecres, was also credited with barely 1% of the votes in our Belgian poll.

Details and analysis in RTL info at 7 PM.

doing surveys

The online survey was conducted on Thursday 30 March with 1,635 people, a representative sample of the Belgian population, by the Ipsos Institute for RTL INFO. Margin of error: about 2.4%.


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