– I’ll never forget this – V.G.

- I'll never forget this - V.G.

Uttar Pradesh: Donald Trump has no plans to accept the electoral defeat. Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / NTB

Donald Trump’s relationship with his party is steadily deteriorating. Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi hopes to take advantage of the quiet relationship.


Joe Biden has been named the winner of the US presidential election, but Donald Trump continues to fight. He is still standing in his ground, claiming that Democrats have stolen the election from him.

Trump and his team have repeatedly made allegations of electoral fraud, and have filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to change the election result. It has been dismissed in successive courts. No evidence of electoral fraud has been found which will affect the election result.

After Just a week ago, voters voted Biden as the next president of the United States More and more Republicans have recognized Biden as the winner of the election.

Now Trump realizes that he should continue the fight alone, without which it does not seem appropriate to stop him.

In recent times, he has mainly used Twitter to promote his message by posting videos to his 88 million followers – rather than calling a press conference.

Now he is again creating a ruckus against his own party.

– Saved at least eight Republican senators, including Mitch, from losing the Rig (presidential) election. Now they (almost everyone) see me fighting the bad guys – the radical Left Democrats. I’ll never forget that, he writes Twitter.

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McConnell attacked by Trump: – to give up too soon

Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, was among those who recognized Biden as the winner of the election after voters cast their ballots. Even after this, he received criticism of Trump.

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– Mitch, 75,000,000 votes, a record for a sitting president (by a large margin). Have to leave soon. The Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry, he wrote on Twitter, without mentioning that Joe Biden received 81 million votes.

Pelosi hopes to help Trump

In addition, he rejected the Corona crisis package Democrats and Republicans After long talks, agreement was reached.

– It went a long way. But the package they send to my desk is completely different. It is a shame, to be honest In a video Trump posted on Twitter.

Among other things, Trump believed that the amount of $ 600 in crisis assistance directly to American families should be raised to $ 2000 or $ 4000 for the couple.

When the motion was raised in the House of Representatives on Christmas Eve, Republicans put their foot down, and despite President Trump’s will.

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Donald Trump rejects congressional crisis package

Now the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, hopes Trump will be able to explain his own.

“If the president is serious about direct payment of $ 2,000, he should tell Republicans to stop getting in the way,” she said in a statement.

On Monday, the House of Representatives will once again vote on the motion.

– Voting against this proposal is to deprive American families of financial hardship, and they need their help, he continues.

Trump asks to sign

Anthony Gonzalez, a Republican in the House of Representatives, is not impressed with the president.

– If he thinks that talking about the proposal, which is his and the people he has endorsed, will give him more support on Twitter after the electoral failure, I hope he is wrong, But we’ll see, he writes on Twitter.

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Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, an ally of the Senate Party, believes Trump hopes to sign the resolution.

– The best solution for the presidency is to sign the resolution. I still hope this is his decision.

In addition, eleven senators, both Republicans and Democrats, asked Trump to sign a crisis package in a joint statement, Reuters writes.

– This decision will provide much-needed help to struggling families, the unemployed, hard-hit small businesses, an overloaded health system, stressed schools and many more.

Three options

As is now the case, there are three options for the Corona crisis package, Reuters writes:

  • Trump approved the agreement – even if Congress did not agree with his proposed changes.
  • Trump vetoes. The veto Congress can override if it has more than two-thirds majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. If they do not override Trump’s decision, the motion will be laid to rest.
  • Trump chooses to do nothing. He would then theoretically exercise his veto right. This happens ten days after the Congress receives the proposal (Sunday does not count). In this case, the watch is on Trump’s side, as the proposal must be voted on by Congress, which promoted the proposal, while as early as January 3, the United States goes from 116th to 117th Congress. Thus, it has been left to Joe Biden after he became president on January 20.

Meanwhile, it is the afflicted people. 18.6 million cases of infection have been reported in the United States, and more than 328,000 deaths are epidemic-related. On Christmas Eve, more than 120,000 Americans with Kovid-19 were hospitalized.

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