Illegal Activity – Village servant tipper tried to beat and threatened to kill!

Illegal Activity - Village servant tipper tried to beat and threatened to kill!

A complaint has been filed by a village Neeladhari at Dharmapuram police station in connection with an incident where a villager Neeladhari, who tried to create an illegal landfill, was threatened by a tipper.

The incident happened yesterday at 12 noon. The incident took place near the old Kannaki Amman temple at Karavattithidal under the Kandawala divisional secretariat.

While there have been a series of media reports of illegal landslides in the region, there have been complaints from various quarters and the general public.

In a discussion with Minister Douglas Devanand, the last chairman of the District Development Committee, it was said that village Niladhari was not cooperating with him to control illegal land grabbing.

Subsequently, all village Neeladharis were directed by Kandavalai Divisional Secretary T. Brindakaran to take steps to control illegal land grabbing.

Village Niladhari R. Kalairupan was informed about the illegal dumping of sand in the area and loading it on a ripper vehicle.

A group of village Neeladharis had lodged a complaint at Dharmapuram police station yesterday afternoon, allegedly involved in illegal activity of six persons, including a tipper driver.

Village Neeladhari said that there was no permit for the ripper vehicle and the area was not a suitable area for sand mining and he was involved in an illegal activity with the name plate of a private contractor.

He said that the driver of the vehicle is a resident of Odusudan area and appropriate action should be taken regarding the activity which threatens him and the police should take immediate action to control illegal landslide in his area.

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It is worth mentioning that village Niladhari had already faced various threats as he tried to stop such illegal activities. It has been pointed out that the failure of the police to provide security to village Niladharis trying to control illegal activities in the district has led to various criticisms of village Niladharis for not cooperating in district meetings.



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