Image of eagle kidnapping lamb goes viral: ‘First time I saw it’

Image of eagle kidnapping lamb goes viral: 'First time I saw it'

No, you are not dreaming. Auron wildlife photographer Fabian originally came to photograph the slab of deer…

Raising his eyes to the sky, he saw in full flight the bird of prey holding in his paws, a poor little lamb, apparently already dead. The photographer immortalized this unusual moment and shared it on his Facebook page “Zoom dans l’oeil de fab”. The reactions were not long in coming: Impressive ! , very nice!” either ” What a cape! ,

The photographer told our colleagues from BFM Nice Cote d’Azur: ” Suddenly I saw an eagle, followed by some crows flying downwards. The crow harassed him during the flight. I zoomed in with my camera to see what she was wearing and saw the lamb! “. Before continuing: ” It was mostly questioning, it was the first time I had seen an eagle carrying such a heavy load. ,

Did the eagle kill the lamb?

It was actually a golden eagle, a species of raptor common in the region. These animals are generally opportunistic and it is not surprising that the animal was able to take advantage of the carcass of a sheep that may have been attacked by a wolf or which may have fallen off a cliff. It’s hard to know…

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