Images showing Vladimir Putin affected by “uncontrollable shock” re-emerge…

Images showing Vladimir Putin affected by

In this new video, it is clearly the vulnerable Putin, who is seen holding an uncontrollably trembling hand to greet Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The Russian president then decides to back down and walk towards his counterpart with a shaky step.

According to the Daily Mail, the video is from about two months ago and has already gone viral, sparking rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health condition.

In a previous video, Putin is seen with a swollen face, slumped in his chair, his leg agitated and his hand clinging to the edge of the table. Experts told The Sun Online that this latest appearance is ‘not a portrait of a healthy Putin’.

This is not the first time that questions have been raised about his health. Beyond doubts about Parkinson’s disease, it appears that the Russian president consulted with a doctor specializing in thyroid cancer.

According to the Five Eyes intelligence agency – which brings together Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States – Vladimir Putin’s attitude is not frivolous. This would be the result of a psychological explanation for dementia, Parkinson’s disease or a brain disorder caused by “roid rage” as a result of steroid-based treatments against cancer.


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