“In fact, the longer you go on a diet, the more fat you gain.” The uncomfortable mechanism of the human body, appetite cannot be controlled by desire. President Online

According to a follow-up study, people cannot lose weight simply by changing their eating habits to lose weight. Rather, if you go on a diet, you will become fat. “This is because the brain switches to starvation and it becomes easier for the body to store energy,” says psychiatrist Toshihiko Nagata.

*This article is written by Toshihiko NagataIf you go on a diet, you will become fat.](Kobunsha Shinsh) is a partial re-edit.


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Results of a follow-up survey of 1902 junior and senior high school students

A 10-year follow-up study of 1902 junior and senior high school students near Minneapolis by Dr. Newmark Steiner of the University of Minnesota found that “he gets fat when he eats.”

In this study, diet (how you eat to lose weight) and unhealthy weight control (fasting, eating too little, using diet foods and drinks, skipping meals, smoking excessively, dieting. Vomiting, the use of laxatives, and the use of diuretics), but the results showed that if I continued to do so, my BMI increased, that is, I gained weight.

So why do you get fat when you go on a diet? Dr. Newmark Steiner gives the following four reasons.

Dieting is a very short term activity.
To get a balanced body or proper weight, you need to make stable and long-term lifestyle changes such as living a regular life, eating breakfast every day, eating vegetables and fruits and continuing to exercise, but you are in a hurry. for result.

Get stuck in the “diet cycle”.
Improper diets such as “eat only a little” and “skip meals” lead to starvation, and I suffer from an intense feeling of hunger and eat unbearably, and when I start eating, I eat too much Am. Then, he became depressed, saying, “I failed the diet,” and tried to lose the weight again. Such a negative cycle happens and it becomes impossible to escape from it.

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You can’t control your hunger.
If you don’t follow the hunger and fullness (body control) signals you feel naturally and suppress your appetite voluntarily, you won’t be able to control your hunger as soon as you eat.

Being prone to weight gain.
When a diet reduces calorie intake, the body slows down the metabolism and tries to sustain life with less energy. Then, energy consumption is reduced and weight gain becomes easier. In addition, dieting leads to an increase in the number of fat cells.


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