In Poland, announced a new strategy of migrants storming the border

In Poland, announced a new strategy of migrants storming the border
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In Poland, it was said that Belarusian security forces were under control. illegal migrants at the border The two countries have come up with a new strategy that migrants use to build fortifications along the border.

This was stated by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak, Inform German wave.

The minister said that now small groups of migrants are trying to cross the state border at several places simultaneously. Previously, Polish border guards did not record such behavior of migrants, so most likely this is a new tactic to allow illegal entry into Poland.

It is noted that the best example of the use of the new strategy was the attempt to cross the border on November 20.

We will remind that already on the border of Belarus with European countries Thousands of migrants stay for several months from Africa and the Middle East. In November, the crisis escalated: groups of migrants tried to break through the border, and Poland and Lithuania responded with a state of emergency. in the current crisis Europe accused Alexander Lukashenko,

On the night of November 20, the migrants did A new attempt to raid the Polish border from the territory of Belarus. They worked in several groups and attacked different parts of the border.

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