In response to US strikes, groups loyal to Iran attack a military base in Syria

In response to US strikes, groups loyal to Iran attack a military base in Syria

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On Monday evening, Iran-backed groups targeted a US military base in eastern Syria in response to airstrikes launched by Washington on Sunday night in Syria and Iraq against Tehran-backed factions, including at least four members of the Popular Mobilization Force. were killed.

in response to US strikes On Monday night in Iraq and Syria, pro-Iranian groups fired artillery shells at a US military base in the al-Omar oil field in eastern Syria’s Deir Azor Governorate on Monday evening.

On Sunday night, Washington launched airstrikes on Iranian-backed factions in Iraq and Syria in response to attacks targeting its interests in Iraq in recent months, which the United States has called for groups loyal to Tehran. was held responsible.

According to Washington, the US strike on Sunday night targeted operational facilities and weapons depots at two locations in Syria as well as one in Iraq.

While the bombing caused material damage on Monday evening, and was followed by the flight of American fighters and others of the international coalition against United States-led jihadists in the area’s airspace.

International Coalition spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto said: “At approximately 19:44 a.m. (16:44 GMT), a missile strike targeted several US forces in Syria. There were no casualties and work was underway to assess the damage.” Its going on.” Tweet.

In turn, the official Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported that “a US occupation forces military base in the al-Omar oil field in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezor was targeted with missiles,” without specifying the source of the bombing. .

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In response, the international coalition targeted the city of al-Mayadin with “heavy artillery”, which is controlled by pro-Iranian fighters in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, according to the observatory’s director, Rami Abdel Rahman. told AFP.

In a second tweet, Maroto announced that the US military was in a state of “self-defense” and “responded with artillery bombardment of the sites from which the missiles were launched.”

Sunday’s attack is the second such US attack on Iranian-backed militias in Syria since President Joe Biden took office. According to a report by the Syrian Observatory, more than 20 Iraqi fighters were killed in February in US strikes targeting their positions in eastern Syria.

The attacks come at a sensitive stage, as Washington accuses Iraqi groups affiliated with Iran of launching attacks on the housing of American elements, at a time when international efforts to reactivate the nuclear deal with Tehran continue.

On Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi condemned the attacks, calling it a “gross violation of Iraq’s sovereignty”. He said in a statement, “Iraq refuses to have an arena for settling accounts, and abiding by its right to sovereignty over its lands, and to prevent its use as an arena for reactions and attacks.” for,” calls for calm. Refraining from growth in all its forms.”

For its part, Popular Mobilization announced the killing of four of its fighters in the US strikes in a statement that it said targeted “three deployed points” within the Iraqi border in Qaim District, west of Anbar Governorate. , noting that its fighters were performing their normal duty to prevent the infiltration of “ISIS” elements. ‘Islamic State’) terrorists from Syria to Iraq.

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