In the United Kingdom, a mutation of coronavirus ends a disaster year

In the United Kingdom, a mutation of coronavirus ends a disaster year

Has a headline Sunday Times On Sunday, 20 December, in Britain, an apocalypse seemed to come out of the film: “Christmas is canceled by a mutant virus that moves at full speed”. The day before, faced with a mutation of SARS-CoV-2, which makes the virus much more contagious, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to announce a sentence “Level 4” The ban, that is to say the immediate return of imprisonment on Sunday and the family reunion over Christmas in three areas: London, South-East and East of England. About twenty million people are affected. The container was also fitted in Wales from Sunday and will be in Northern Ireland from 26 December.

The type of virus, which appeared in September and titled VUI-202012/01, does not cause more worrisome symptoms than its previous version. On the other hand, “It is up to 70% more transferable”, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, serious face, during his press conference on Saturday. Very quickly, it is becoming the dominant form of the disease throughout the channel. In London, it represented 28% of cases in mid-November and 62% of cases in the week of 7 December.

3 December [à la sortie du précédent confinement], We could not understand why restrictive measures similar to Kent were not implemented in Kent [sud-est de l’Angleterre], Explains Mr. Johnson. It only [vendredi], We understood when we saw the data on fingering. “

” Out of control “

This speed of spread profoundly changes the course of the epidemic. Number of new daily hospitals in three areas of “Level 4” Went from 400 to 700 in three weeks. On Sunday, 20 December, British authorities recorded 36,000 new positive cases, a record, an increase of up to 50% over the previous seven days compared to the previous week. New stem ” Out of control “, The Minister of Health, warns Matt Hancock.

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Therefore, more robust restriction measures are required to prevent the virus, he explains: “The only way to control this is to reduce contact. In level 4 areas, everyone must act as if they have a virus. “ The British government has ordered the closure of “non-essential” shops in these areas, in addition to bars and restaurants which were already at level 3. It is forbidden to entertain at home, for Christmas, when rules are provided so far only three houses could be mixed on that day. It is still permissible to leave your home and meet a person who is not part of your home.

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