Index – Culture – Hetzen partyed in Marseille, no restrictions

Index - Culture - Hetzen partyed in Marseille, no restrictions

More than 6,000 youths threatened to shut down in southern France’s downtown Marseille city on Sunday due to the increasing prevalence of the coronovirus epidemic.

The local province indicated that the carnivores did not seek prior permission for the parade and most participants did not follow the health recommendations (distance, wearing masks).

Incredible! Someone said that there is nothing missing in Marseille

– A 26-year-old dressed as a baker told AFP and added,

Young people are fed up with quarantine. There are no weak seniors here, only young ones.

According to the police, there were 6,500 carnivals. After the defensive distance was not seen and the mask was not worn on the unaffected incident, many were fined on the spot, but the police did not interfere in the incident. At the end of the procession, however, the people were shattered by force.

A year ago, the carnival of Marseille was missed due to the national strict shutdown. However, the city of southern France currently has no restrictions, although the number of people infected per 100,000 inhabitants has already exceeded 250, which is a cautious level.

At midnight on Friday, in the 16 most affected French counties, new restrictions came into force for a month: everyone could leave their place of residence without a time limit, but only in a certain area. Unlike nearby Nice, Marseille is not subject to new restrictions, but it is also mandatory to wear a permanent mask and the assembly is only allowed for six people.


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