Indonesia: Video with the crew of a lost submarine in a farewell song

Indonesia: Video with the crew of a lost submarine in a farewell song

A moving video where the crew of the submarine got lost Indonesia Sings farewell song released by the country’s navy.

It was taken a few weeks ago. In the video, the crew members sing a song called “Sampai Jampa” which translates to “see you later”. Officials confirmed on Sunday that KRI NANGGALA, which sank off the coast of Bali on Wednesday, Was found in three pieces by the sea. All 53 crew members are presumed dead.

The submarine attended a high school and the reasons for the shipwreck are unknown. In the video, the captain of the submarine, Harry Octavian, appears among the crew members around a colleague with an acoustic guitar. The video was taken as a farewell to the outgoing commander of the submarine.

The Indonesian Navy plans to lift the submarine and locate the bodies. It weighs over 800 meters and requires special equipment. President Joko Widodo described the crew as Indonesia’s “most important patriots” and said the government would bear the expenses of their children’s education.

Relatives gathered on the beach in Bali on Monday to pay tribute to the crew. KRI NANGGALA went missing after seeking diving permission.

It was built in Germany for 40 years and was extensively repaired in 2012. The US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India participated in the search and rescue operations. Despite initial hopes that the submarine’s hull would have remained intact and the crew was rescued on Sunday, the wreckage status was confirmed.

The depth found was more than its maximum dive.

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