Innovation in Whatsapp: Messages sent 7 days ago can now be deleted

Innovation in Whatsapp: Messages sent 7 days ago can now be deleted

Attention, Brazilians! According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Testing an update to the “Erase for all” feature. Identified portal in the desktop version of Messenger (2.2147.4), extending the time limit for deleting a message.

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It is currently possible to delete a message within 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds after it was sent. With the improved function, the user can delete the content within 7 days and 8 minutes. The measure is still under development, so it is possible that it will be amended until its release.

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Recently Messenger implemented a tool to create stickers from photos on the device. Users can customize stickers with emoji and other props.

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WABetaInfo also explored the possibility of changing the forward audio speed in the beta version of iOS. This feature is still in development but may be available soon.

WhatsApp can be blocked by refusing the terms

Recently, there was an expectation that WhatsApp Block or limit account functionality for users who do not accept the new Privacy Policy. However, Brazil’s most used messaging app has backtracked on its decision to block or limit this function.

Thus, those who did not accept the “Terms of Service” will continue to use the Platform’s tools. In addition, any penalties for those who rejected the criteria for the application were suspended.

However, as per the latest website release WABetaInfoFailure to comply with the obligation to accept WhatsApp’s privacy terms may compromise the application’s business profile accounts.

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Considering the information, professional accounts using Facebook’s cloud providers will not receive messages from users who do not accept the new subscription terms. This measure could negatively impact many institutions that use Messenger with repetition, such as SAC.

Therefore, refusing to share data with Facebook may reduce users’ access to their business accounts.

whatsapp says

WhatsApp Noted that it will continue to guide its users to accept the update, even if they are going to use some optional features, such as “communicating with the company receiving support from Facebook”.

“WhatsApp Beta Info’s publication says WhatsApp is working on tools to deliver on these promises and is sure it will let anyone who hasn’t already done so when they get through the update.” Want to use the related feature for the first time”, says the application’s exclusive portal.

However, according to the company, information published by WABetaInfo don’t go on saying that WhatsApp Planning to comment on the matter, as there is nothing new on the matter as of now. In this context, the company’s next announcement regarding the situation is yet to be awaited.

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