Instagram and Facebook delete Seluk Bektaratar’s al-Aqsa post

Instagram and Facebook delete Seluk Bektaratar's al-Aqsa post

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Sputnik Turkey

Instagram and Facebook removed a response post by Bakker Defense Technical Manager Selkuk Bekaratar on a video of Jews watching the fire at Masjid-e-Aqsa by singing and dancing on the basis of ‘Defense Hate Speech’.

Instagram and Facebook removed the Meskid-I Aksa sharing of Bakker Defense technical manager Seluk Bekkartar. Berrakter reacted to Instagram, which removed Palestine’s message of support.

Barracatar: Let your hypocrisy sink.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Seleuk Bekkartar said, “Instagram took down my post by calling it” hate speech “. Killing children and civilians, burning temples and singing songs while watching, incest, cruelty, genocide Let your hypocrisy ruin freedom of thought and human rights! ”

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