Instagram influencers surround a grandfather’s house, causing ‘thousands of damage’

Instagram influencers surround a grandfather's house, causing 'thousands of damage'

Peter Lee, a grandfather, claims Instagram influencers aren’t leaving his Kensington home alone – and may have lost thousands of pounds from taking photos outside, reports Sunday, Posers looking for ‘likes’ were depicted doing elaborate acrobatics that stretched up the stairs on the railing of Peter’s pastel pink home in affluent west London.

star of created in Chelsea, binky felstedOne of the famous faces is said to be posing at the door of the 77-year-old.

The former fashion designer revealed that he had seen entire teams of models doing photoshoots outside his home, even bringing tents for changing and makeup. Once, her granddaughter was able to keep a bag of designer clothes that was left outside her garage and no one came to pick her up.

A nearby ballet school also became a regular, with children posing for year-end photos while the whole family came out to take pictures.

but Peter insists That he ended up with huge repair bills on the property and neighbors suggested he put out a charity collection box. “I don’t know what they do, blog on their websites?, DemandHe.

,One girl sat outside for half a day, all alone. She put her phone in the middle of the street, took pictures of herself in front of the house, then ran to get her phone when a car arrived. Normally I just see them on the screen, but I had to go down and Say: “Did you get what you wanted? You spent half a day outside.” If you were there now, you would see a whole family, they are gone now. I’m just waiting for the next one. sometimes i wait till they go out to go,,

The constant influx of tourists is a problem for Peter who wants to preserve the authenticity of the period house.

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,Girls in high heels probably damage the steps – I saw a girl in high heels jumping up and down with her arms in the air“, he says. ,I was watching from the living room and I thought this stupid girl was going to ruin my tile. I later went outside and saw that two glasses were torn. They are strong enough to walk, but not jump. They could have been torn apart by someone giving them the washing machine, I totally can’t say it to the girls dancing on the stairs. Breaking tiles is a nuisance, but it’s done. These tiles should last a lifetime. It would cost thousands of pounds to replace the phases.,


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